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Best deals on Samsung Galaxy S6! Samsung shifts in some key areas to create what might be one of their best devices in recent years. Full review here! - DESIGN03:09 - DISPLAY04:30 - PERFORMANCE05:55 - HARDWARE09:02 - CAMERA11:38 - SOFTWARE14:21 - PRICE AND CONCLUSIONTalk about Android in our forums: to our YouTube channel: connected to Android Authority:- androidauthority- the Team:Josh Vergara: JoshuaVergaraJoe Hindy: JosephHindyLanh Nguyen: LanhNguyenFilmsJayce Broda: JayceBrodaKevin Nether: KevinNetherGary Sims: GarySimsAsh Tailor: AshTailorMusic by jimmysquare"Fog" -"Next to You" - Creative by birocratic"square one" "merlot""orientation"from the album "beets" - Creative